The founder and organizer of the festival is the International Festival Group,  “Art studio” Dialog ” public organization

Ukrainian and foreign children’s and youth’s creative teams, as well as individual performers, are invited to participate in the festival’s contest program. Representatives: children’s art schools, children’s music schools, children’s vocal studios; secondary schools; secondary vocational, secondary special and secondary technical educational institutions; cultural permitting institutions.


The festival is held in the city of ElektrenaiLithuania, – which gives the opportunity to combine the performances of creative young people with the expansion of their worldview, familiarity with the cultures of nations.

The purpose of the festival is to strengthen international contacts and cultural ties, the exchange of knowledge, cultural and folk traditions, peculiarities, experience and expanding horizons.

Nominations of the festival-competition


  • Children’s dance
  • Classical dance
  • Folk dance (folk-stage, folk stylized, folkdance)
  • Contemporary dance (jazz dance, Afro-jazz, Broadway jazz, jazz-modern dance, modern dance, contemporary dance)
  • Ballroom dance
  • Street dance (hip hop, break dance, jazz, cramp)
  • Eastern dance
  • Dance show (variety dance, disco)
  • Free dance category

Soloists, small forms, teams present one choreographic work of up to 4 minutes per contest.


  • Various vocals (soloists, small forms 2-4 axes, ensembles / groups);
  • Folk singing, folk groups (soloists, small forms of 2-4 axes, ensembles / collectives);
  • Jazz vocals (soloists, 2-4 small forms, ensembles / bands)
  • Academic vocals (soloists, small forms 2-4 axes, ensembles / groups);
  • Choirs (mixed, male, female, baby).

Soloists, small forms, teams present one choreographic work of up to 4 minutes per contest.

All works are performed under “negative” phonogram or “live” accompaniment. Backing vocals may be used. DOUBLE vocals (instrumental or voice duplication of the main party) are not allowed.

Folklore Creativity / Ritual Theaters

Word, dance, gesture, music, action used during ceremonies, holidays, rituals.

Folklore and ethnographic collectives are invited to present numbers and programs created on the basis of folklore, customs and rituals. Folk groups submit one competition number up to 5 minutes in duration.

Theater Arts / Puppet Theaters

The teams present small stage forms, mono-performances, etudes, scenes from performances and plays, which have a composition-completed character lasting no more than 10 minutes.

Reading / Acting

Artistic word (poems, prose), performance time up to 4 minutes; literary and musical composition (no more than 5 minutes), miniature, pantomime, sketch, staging (up to 5 minutes).

Circus / Variety Art – Sports

Plastic show, acrobatics, rubber, juggling, clowning (up to 4 minutes).

Fashion Theaters / Fashion Show

Fashion theaters present one collection as a mini-show or show for a competition program. Contest duration up to 10 minutes.

Оther nominations in accordance with accepted applications.


Evaluation Criteria:


  • Compliance with the choreographic number subject, taking into account the age possibilities of the performers;
  • originality of the embodiment of the idea of ​​staging the range of used composite solutions and techniques;
  • dramaturgy of choreography;
  • compliance with the direction;
  • performance technique;
  • the harmony of music and choreography;
  • accessory and originality of costumes;
  • stage ethics and behavior on stage.


  • technical performance: intonation, rhythmics, phrasing, construction, accuracy of performance, pronunciation.
  • artistic performance: tempo, dynamics, interpretation of the text, emotionality, expressiveness, stylistic equality.
  • presentation of the program: the selection of the repertoire, the complexity of execution, appearance.

Readers / Acting / Circus art / variety-sports art / Theaters / Theaters mod:

  • technical capabilities of the contractor;
  • Artistry, stage design (plastic, costume, performance culture)
  • creative approach to the selection of repertoire;
  • the complexity of the program being executed;
  • stage design of the program, requisite;
  • completeness and expressiveness of the disclosure of the theme of the work;
  • discovery and brightness of artistic images, performing level;
  • stage design (plastic, costume, performance culture)
  • Artistic design of the performance, props;
  • dact of actors;
  • compliance with the repertoire of the artist’s age category;
  • the position of the director;
  • acting skills.

Age categories

  • 3 – 5 years;
  • 6 – 7 years;
  • 8 – 10 years;
  • 11 – 13 years;
  • 14 – 16 years;
  • 17 – 25 years;
  • 25 and older
  • mixed

Rewarding participants

  • Grand Prix at the International Festival Competition.
  • Laureates of I, II and III degree – get a cup, a diploma
  • Diplomas of I, II and III degrees – receive a diploma
  • Valuable gifts from the organizers!
  • Thanks to teachers, managers, choreographers for the preparation and participation in the festival-competition.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to mark individual teams with certificates.

★ on preferential terms to take part in the festival-competition “Sea Stars 2020” – Albena, Bulgaria;

★ on preferential terms to take part in the All-Ukrainian competition of choreographic art “The Golden Crown of Terpsichore 2020” – Rivne, Ukraine

Letters of thanks to the best teachers, leaders of amateur performances for preparing and participating in the festival-contest – please order together with the Application form of festival-contest


The jury has the right to:

  • Provide recommendations to contest participants
  • Highlight individual performers and award them special prizes.
  • By agreement with the organizing committee to make a decision on changing the Festival Regulations, or not to mark participants with prize places in the nomination

Evaluation is carried out on a 10-point scale. The decision of the jury on the distribution of prizes and the Grand Prix are confirmed by the protocols in accordance with the number of points scored by each contestant. The jury has the right not to award the Grand Prix for the lack of a sufficient number of points. The decision of the Jury is final and not subject to revision.

After the end of the competition program, there is a discussion with the jury – the “round table”. The jury members are not obliged to report the marks and the place assigned to the team before the gala concert.

Application form, technical requirements

To participate in the festival-contest, you must submit an application along with a QUALITATIVE phonogram.

The team leader is responsible for the quality and preservation of phonograms.

In case of exceeding the time specified in the application, the jury has the right to stop the soundtrack!

Confirmation of participation in the festival-contest

To participate in the festival-competition it is necessary to submit an application in electronic form. Applications must be submitted by 10.03.2020 at the festival organizing committee:

After 10.03.2020 applications will be accepted upon request.

  • The organizers’ settlement account for payment is sent in confirmation after submitting the application.
  • The Organizing Committee facilitates the placement of participants and their accompanying persons (at the expense of the institution, directs, or at their own expense), organizes a cultural program for the contestants.

Financial conditions

The festival-contest is not commercial.

Participation in the festival is free.

Additional Information

In case it is necessary to prepare thank-you letters addressed to partners and sponsors, the leaders send official data to the organizing committee in advance.

The participants of the competition come accompanied by parents and leaders who are responsible for the life and health of children. Managers, parents and adults accompanying children are independently responsible for the safety of personal valuables, costumes and props, are attentive to the preservation of property during performances at any venues where the event takes place, and in the territory of hotels where they live during the festival competition. In the event of damage by team members, the manager, parents and accompanying adults pay for the damage to the administration of the premises that have claims. The material costs of the stay are at the expense of the participants.

Contact phone numbers:

 +380506552711, +380978259300,  +380970853957,  +380933731628